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Digital marketing training for teams

Our inspirational masterclasses energise your team to take their digital marketing to the next level. Give your marketing the masterclass boost that will make a difference.
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4 Reason our masterclasses work


We teach from experience

We work with these tools and techniques daily.

Hands on training

As far as is practical, our training is hands on, not just theory.

You get answers

Our committment is to give a valuable answer to every question you ask.

We inspire you

You'll see what's possible, how to take your digital marketing to the next level.

Give your people the tools to succeed and grow

Putting your team into a training room together leads to more than education. Done well, team training nurtures shared vision and goals, provokes conversation and creativity and generates new ideas.

Sharpen your teams focus to become more effective

We do more than provide education in the latest tools and techniques for digital marketing. We inspire your team to sharpen their focus, which will help your marketing to become more effective.

Explore subjects together as a team

The benefits of taking time out to explore a subject together, as a team, shouldn’t be overlooked. Our masterclasses provide that environment and those benefits for your team and for your business.

You choose the location, keeping you in control

Masterclasses can be delivered at the Sprida office in Weymouth, at a venue we arrange, or in your offices. There may be additional charges for the venue and for travel, depending on the location.

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Talk to Andrew about digital marketing strategies for your business.

Talk to Andrew about digital marketing strategies for your business.

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Team masterclasses at Sprida for your business

Standard masterclasses available for teams

We have the following masterclasses lined up and ready to be delivered to your team:
  • Using Instagram to promote your brand
  • Expand your network using social media
  • Making the most of using LinkedIn for free
  • Building your audience on Facebook
While the core content for these workshops is standard, the focus for all the training will be around your business. We’ll spend time talking about your target audience, your products and your marketing messages.
Masterclass training for 3 - 6 people
Masterclass training for 3 - 6 people£349.00 + VAT
Ideal for small teams that would benefit from coming together to learn and discuss a specific subject.
Training can be at your premises or ours.
All masterclasses take a half-day (3.5 hours teaching time).
Masterclass training for 7 - 12 people
Masterclass training for 7 - 12 people£499.00 + VAT
Inspire and educate your staff to go further with digital marketing.
Our masterclasses can be run at a venue of your choice.
Invest in a half-day that will help your business move forward.
Masterclass training for up to 18 people
Masterclass training for up to 18 people£649.00 + VAT
Large group masterclasses make it easier to train more people cost-effectively.
Each masterclass gives a half-day of training, focused around your business.
Standard and custom masterclasses are available. 

Request a custom masterclass for your team

When a standard masterclass won’t deliver what you need, we can provide a custom masterclass for you. This is tailored to your specific requirements and can be designed to achieve specific outcomes.

A custom masterclass could be based around:
  • Developing a digital marketing or social media marketing strategy for your business.
  • Exploring the essential differences between the social media networks, in the context of your business.
  • Creating an SEO and PPC strategy to target your audience.
The price of a custom masterclass depends on its content, duration and location. If you’d like to explore your options for such a masterclass, please get in touch.


We also offer 1:1 Training & Consultancy if you want to take control of your businesses growth.

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