Smart Packages
From £279* per month

Benefit from a streamlined approach to digital marketing for your business. You’re not buying just one or two services. You’re taking advantage of a complete, joined-up solution.

Smart digital marketing

Most businesses that are successful today have learned to make multiple strands of digital marketing work together. These include social media, paid search, email marketing, SEO and more.

That’s why we offer fixed price digital marketing for small businesses, grouped into four Smart Packages to suit different budgets. Each package combines many different forms of digital marketing.

Fixed-price digital marketing packages with Sprida UK

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Over a dozen different services in each package toreach more customerswin more salesconvert more leads

Each of our Smart Packages includes over a dozen different services, starting at just £279 per month (plus VAT), with no additional set up fee. Each piece of your Smart Package works together to provide a streamlined approach. You’re not buying just one or two services to supplement your own marketing, you’re taking advantage of a complete, joined-up solution. 

Fixed price digital marketing services with a monthly plan by Sprida

We want you to be successful

Digital marketing can transform your business. It can put you several steps ahead of your competition and open up new opportunities. We want to help you achieve this.

Zack and Andrew founded Sprida because they have experienced the power of digital marketing. They are also passionate about helping businesses grow.

Let us help you explore how digital can transform your business.

Free 15-minute digital marketing consultation

The sooner you initiate a joined-up digital marketing campaign, the sooner you’ll start seeing results. To get you started, we offer a free 15 minute digital marketing consultation with one of our team. Send us details of your digital marketing challenges and we’ll share our recommendations with you - for free!