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How others create engagement on LinkedIn


Blogging on laptop

Don't waste your time on blogging for your business

Stop wasting your time blogging. I'm being serious - your time is too precious to waste on writing blog posts. Those minutes you commit to putting words on the page can only be used once. Once they're gone, that's it. You'll never get them back.

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Instagram stories for businesses

How can I use Instagram stories for my business?

"I don't get it. What's the point of Instagram Stories?​" I get questions like that a lot when I demonstrate Stories to people. Let me explain why you should be using Stories as part of your digital marketing.

Facebook business messenger

Do I need the last word in every Facebook conversation?

This is a question I've heard several times recently, which is why I'm addressing it. Actually, the question is usually phrased as: "How do I have the last word in a private message conversation on Facebook?" And it's not from people who want to have the final say in an argument.

Website Designing

How to keep people looking at your website for longer

Your website won't bring the results you want if it doesn't answer the question. What question? The one in the visitor's mind when your site springs into view on their browser. They won't have found their way to your website by accident. 

Twitter Tweets

A basic guide on how to write a good tweet in 2020

Writing a tweet is easy. Almost anyone can bash out a few words on a keyboard and fire their missile off to the world by hitting 'Tweet'. But there's a world of difference between an ordinary or regular 'tweet' and a 'great tweet'.


7 tips for improving the quality of your copywriting

Copywriting and writing are the same. There are different types of copywriting, or writing, but they're all about putting words on the page. Words that will be read by others.

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5 communication errors that can kill your business

The most profitable businesses are fantastic communicators. This works all the way down from the likes of Apple to the local plumber who's always got a six month waiting list. But no business is a perfect communicator and many make serious mistakes which are losing them hundreds or thousands of pounds a day in lost sales.


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