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Here is how we do it

More profit from your marketing spend

The cash you put into marketing should come back to you many times over, as sales. You spend now to earn later. Your success is measured at your bottom line.
business goals and ambitions

1. Success starts with a clear goal

You want to grow your business, profitably. This means:

  • Paying for marketing that works
  • Cutting the cost of each sale
  • Maximising profit per customer
We dig into your ambitions, for yourself and your firm. From these we reach a solid foundation for growth.
marketing assessment of your business

2. Our detailed assessment

We analyze your digital marketing activities, to answer:

  • Why we believe they didn't work
  • How we may be able to fix it
  • The impact on your bottom line
This thorough audit gives us a clear way forward.
researching your competitors

3.Market Research on Competitors

We use our industry tools to study competitor behaviours, identifying the gaps in their strategies. This allows us to:
  • Tap into missed opportunities
  • Spend more effectively
  • Have hard evidence of what works
Discover what gives you that competitive edge.
your marketing action plan

4. Your marketing project

A robust, profit-focused marketing plan that includes:
  • Detailed budget for results
  • 12 month action plan
  • Performance indicators
  • Typical headaches and how to overcome them
Detailed, controlled, proactive.
marketing plan in action

5. Your strategy into action

This is where you start seeing growth in the bottom line growth. Outcomes such as:
  • New customers
  • For a lower price
  • Coming back to spend more
This is where the research and planning starts to pay off, as we put your strategy into action.
measuring results of action plan

6. Controlling and monitoring

We stay on top on your marketing plan, measuring everything that happens. It's all about:
  • Finding out what works
  • Leveraging those opportunities
  • Protecting your profits
We take the guesswork out of growth, keeping the emphasis on profit.
results from your marketing

7.Unlocking more profit with LTV

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the goldmine, the rich seam of significant profit. It's about:
  • Unlocking customer success
  • Converting customers into brand ambassadors
  • Getting customer to spend more.

Case studies

How we've done it for others

Sales over time graph for case study

eCommerce Industry
Increased sales across channels

Achieved over 180% revenue growth in three months through SEO and PPC advertising.
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Lead generation case study - Sprida

B2C Industry
Low cost per lead

Generated over 40 fitness class leads, each offering significant lifetime sales value.
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Campaigns for Improved ROI case study - Sprida

B2C Industry
Improved Google Ads ROI

Slashed Google Ads CPA from $58.89 to $29.42 in just 30 days, increasing the clients bottom line.
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Tips for getting results

Invest in marketing that actually works

1. Ask questions

Push your marketing team on how their actions translate into results. Don't be fobbed off with talk of followers, likes and website clicks.

2. External audit

An objective assessment by an independent third-party can highlight opportunities for improvement.

3. What works

Pay attention to what's worked so far. Look to learn why it's worked, to discover how those principles can be applied to other marketing.

Get answers

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?
In summary - everything marketing and digital.

In detail - PPC, SEO, social media, content marketing, Google Ads, website design, Facebook advertising, email marketing, remarketing, UX, influencers and much more. Because our aim is to grow your business, our approach is to choose the services that serve you best.
What's a good return on investment?
In summary - an ROI of 5:1 is typically considered good (£5 back for every £1 spent). 

More detail - measuring ROI can, with the right digital tools, be relatively easy. But only up to a point. Some of the sales you get today could be due to marketing from years ago, and that's harder to measure.

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