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Zack Fowler (Mr Conversion) Sprida

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Three ways to increase your turnover

Raises Prices

Raises Prices

Boost revenue overnight. Customers who value what you do will stick around.
Repeat sales

Repeat sales

Market to existing customers. And get them coming back to spend more.
Upsell products

Upsell products

Offer a discount on bulking up or promote a complementary product.

Here is how we do it

Growing your sales AND your profits

Increasing sales at the expense of the bottom line is easy but not good. We’re committed to moving sales and profits in the right direction. These are our seven steps to get you there.
Business Goals strategy - Sprida

1. Defining your business goals

You're looking for more sales. What does that look like to you?

  • More inbound phone calls
  • More website enquiries
  • More ecommerce sales 
We challenge you to get specific about what you want for your business.
Marketing assessment - Sprida

2. Marketing audit and review

We assess your current digital footprint:

  • Your website authority
  • Social channel integrity
  • Customer database, and more.
Now we understand where you're at right now.
Customer Market Research - Sprida

3. Intensive Market Research

We study your market in detail:

  • Your customer and how they buy
  • Your competitors and market share
  • Current trends and more.
This equips us to establish what may give you a competitive edge.
Building a growth strategy - Sprida

4. Your sales growth strategy

  • Recommended steps over a 12 month trajectory
  • The outcomes we expect 
  • KPIs for detailed goal tracking 
  • Investment required 
  • Typical headaches and how to overcome them

We write you a plan that's thorough, comprehensive and actionable.

Activate Growth plan - Sprida

5. We activate your growth plan

We transform the strategy into action and outcomes:

  • You get noticed
  • Your audience begins to build
  • Sales come in

Expect to see results.

Improving results of growth - Sprida

6. Monitoring and measuring

Once the plan is in action, we study the stats in detail to:

  • See what's working
  • Find more opportunities
  • Improve the bottom line
Understanding and responding to the numbers takes the guesswork out of growth.
Value of customers - Sprida

7. Unlocking lifetime value

Our strategy is to draw in new customers and then to keep them coming back for more, by

  • Identifying the most profitable
  • Keeping them engaged
  • Uncovering their pain points to find solutions

You reach a new level of profitability when maximising lifetime value of your customers.

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Growth case studies

How we've done it for others

Sales over time graph for case study

eCommerce Industry
Increased sales

Achieved over 180% revenue growth in three months through SEO and PPC advertising.
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Lead generation case study - Sprida

Fitness Industry
Lead generation

Generated over 40 fitness class leads in 30-days, through a Facebook ads campaign targeting.
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Campaigns for Improved ROI case study - Sprida

B2C Industry
Improved ROI

Slashed Google Ads CPA from $58.89 to $29.42 in just 30 days, increasing the clients bottom line.
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Frequently asked questions

How can Sprida help me sell more?

In summary - we make it easier for the right people to find you.

More detail - these ‘right people’ are those who need what you’re selling. They have the budget to buy and they want it now. Advertising to people who aren’t interested, or who can’t afford it is a waste of your money.

We research in detail, digging into data, to help put your message is put in front of those with intent, and the finance, to buy.

What’s the best way to get more sales online?
In summary - probably pay per click advertising, particularly if you want results fast. 

More detail - we can't be more specific about the best way for you to get more sales online, because we don't know your business. 

And it depends what you mean by 'best'. The most cost-effective? The quickest? The answer depends both on your business and your personal ambitions.

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