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How to market your business in 2019  Our latest September free eBook brings you the most comprehensive marketing eBook in 2019. Download this month free eBook edition below.

How to write a great tweet

Writing a thoughtful tweet in 2019 ​   Writing a tweet is easy. Almost anyone can bash out a few words on a keyboard and fire their missile off to the world by hitting 'Tweet'. But there's a world of difference between an ordinary or regular 'tweet' and a 'great tweet'. If your timeline is anything like mine, it's overflowing with ordinary twe...
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How to keep people looking at your website for longer

Your website won't bring the results you want if it doesn't answer the question. ​ What question?  The one in the visitor's mind when your site springs into view on their browser. They won't have found their way to your website by accident. They'll have come with a purpose and behind that purpose is a question. For a few precious seconds, you'...
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