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Don't waste your time on blogging for your business


Prioritise your digital media marketing the right way 

Stop wasting your time blogging. 

I'm being serious - your time is too precious to waste on writing blog posts. Those minutes you commit to putting words on the page can only be used once. Once they're gone, that's it. You'll never get them back.

So don't waste that time. Make those minutes count. Use them for something that adds value to your life and your business. Such as investing them in writing a great blog post.

Have I contradicted myself? Don't waste time on writing blog posts. Do invest time in writing… blog posts.

Let me explain.

Confessions of many small business bloggers 

In my experience, the blogging lifecycle in many small businesses goes something like this.

Website developer: (Pointing at your shiny new website) Look, here's the place on your site where you can blog.

Small business owner: Do I need to blog?

Website developer: Yes. It's a great way to make your business more visible.

Small business owner: (Not entirely sure of the point of blogging) Er… okay, I'll blog.

Over the next three months they write a couple of blog posts. They're not sure if they're any good, or how they help the business become more visible. But other people say it's a good thing to do.

After that, they never quite find the time to blog again. A faint, nagging voice in their head says they should, but it never reaches the top of the to-do list.

Your experience may be like this, or similar. Be encouraged that you're not alone in finding it hard to keep blogging, and you're certainly not alone in being unsure why you should.

Stopping your blogging was probably the right thing to do. Because your time is too precious to waste on an activity that doesn't have a clear purpose.

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Discover how to blog with purpose 

 What is the point of blogging? How does it actually add value to your business? Until you have a grasp on this, there really is no value in blogging.

A good place to start is by being clear about the purpose of each blog post. And as you're only going to write one at a time (probably), let's be clear about the purpose of a specific blog post.

Think about the next blog post you're going to write. What do you want it to do for you?

I recommend you give a single, clear purpose for each blog. That purpose could be:

  • To demonstrate your expertise in a particular subject
  • To draw attention to a particular product
  • To show the benefits of a particular course of action
  • To encourage people to sign up for emails from you
Note that 'To sell more of my stuff' is not on the list. Actually, it is, but only indirectly. Selling requires that you build awareness and build trust with your customers. All four of the purposes listed help with this.

You can think about purpose as being the action you'd like someone to take once they've read your blog post.

What's the purpose of this blog post you're reading? It's to demonstrate that I understand how blogging can help smaller businesses. The action I want you to take is to sign up for updates from the Sprida Growth Centre.

Giving a blog post a specific purpose motivates you to complete it, and it helps you stay on track.

Blogging with purpose will help you sell. Just don't expect your blog post to be your salesperson. That may sometimes happen, but more often, the blog is more like the display that tempts someone into your shop.

Blogging without purpose is a waste of time 

I hope I've inspired you to stop wasting your time writing blogs that serve no purpose. It's time to start writing blogs with purpose.

Blogging is good for your business. According to Hubspot, firms that blog have 97% more links to their websites. They've produced plenty more evidence for the value of blogging, which you can see here.

If you want to see what good blogging looks like, try some of the posts from these sites:

Dog food supplier https://tails.com/blog/
Support for parents https://www.motherhooddiaries.com/about-us/
A freelance copywriter https://www.abccopywriting.com/blog
A photographer https://www.oliviabossert.com/blog/how-i-grew-my-blog-to-13000-readers-a-month
Money saving advice for families https://skintdad.co.uk/about/

Next time you sit down to write a blog post, plan ahead to avoid wasting your precious time. Determine the purpose of your blog post, and work towards achieving that purpose.

Got a question about blogging? Ask it in the Sprida Growth Centre Facebook Group, our free support forum for smaller businesses. Join in for free and get the answers you're looking for.

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