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Zack and Andrew set up Sprida because they want to help businesses grow. And because they know that so much of commercial success depends on great marketing. They’ve both seen, at first hand, the impact of strong marketing strategies, and the damage caused by a weak approach.

Our mission

We help your business become more successful, by raising the visibility of your brand and products to a wider audience, through digital marketing.

We choose to work with companies offering an excellent product to their customers, but finding it hard to reach a wider market.

We demonstrate the value of digital marketing by designing and executing strategies that deliver.


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Our vision

  • To become one of the leading digital marketing agencies based on the south coast of the UK.

  • To enable small and medium-sized businesses to grow faster. 

  • To be the employer of choice for digital marketing professionals looking to live life to the full, both in and out of the workplace.

Our story

Sprida was founded in 2019. But it's no newcomer to digital marketing. Its founders spent years helping businesses to grow. Sprida is the product of their shared desire to help others do the same.

Zack acquired his deep understanding of SEO and PPC through years of experience. He's invested heavily in both learning and in putting that knowledge to work.

Andrew spent a decade providing copywriting and social media support to businesses of all sizes. This is built on twenty years of general commercial experience.


Combining their experience and knowledge, Zack and Andrew provide Training and Consultancy to work with you on growing your business.

Our team

Zack Fowler
Zack FowlerDirector & Founderzack@sprida.co.uk
The entrepreneurial one. Gets results by investing hours to gain knowledge and understanding.
Ava Fowler
Ava FowlerFinance & Administrationava@sprida.co.uk
The organised one. Keeps the administrative wheels firmly attached and turning fast.
Andrew Knowles
Andrew KnowlesDirector & Founderandrew@sprida.co.uk
The older one. Over 30 years experience in corporate, start-up, not-for-profit and freelance.

Tip of the day

"Blogging is the most underrated marketing strategy, yet the most significant if you want to grow!"

- Zack Fowler (Director & founder)

Values that matter

As a customer of Sprida you can expect:

Original content tailored to your brand.

Regular updates on the increased visibility of your brand and products.

Clear, jargon-free explanations of what we are doing on your behalf, and why.

Easy access of our team during regular working hours.

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You're not in business to stand still. You want more customers to experience the benefits of what you have to offer. You want growth, because growth is the sign of a healthy business.

We're here to give you the support you need to achieve your ambitions. We'll help your brand become more visible. We will help you grow.

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